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How To Play
The game controls can be adjusted at any time by hitting escape and then selecting 'settings' and then 'controls'.
By default the controls are:
⚫ Escape - Open Menu
⚫ Right Click - Move character
⚫ Space - Jump
⚫ F - Ability #1
⚫ D - Ability #2
⚫ S - Toss Flag
⚫ Q - Show Scoreboard
⚫ T - Taunt
⚫ Middle Click - Rotate Camera
⚫ Scroll Wheel - Zoom
⚫ Scroll Lock - Toggle UI
While in spectator mode middle click will instead pan the camera.
Credits & Unlocks
You can earn credits by playing matches. Your current credit total is displayed in the top right of the screen.
Once you have earned a substantial number of credits you can return to the main menu and select the 'unlocks' option.
You can then use your credits to unlock characters, alternate character skins, or special game features.
Lag Compensation Modes
The lag compensation setting in the game settings adjusts the size of the tick buffer for the game.
This setting is a tradeoff between smooth framerate and input responsiveness. The default is normal.
There are 4 modes:
⚫ Immediate - No buffer. Can potentially make the game more responsive, but only if your connection to the game server is very good.
⚫ Normal - 1 tick buffer. This is recommended for most players.
⚫ Aggressive - 2 tick buffer. Use this if the game feels somewhat choppy.
⚫ Very Aggressive - 3 tick buffer. Use this if the game is very choppy.
Bad Framerates
If the framerate for the game is excessively bad, make absolutely sure that you have hardware acceleration turned on for your browser.
If hardware acceleration is off the game will likely run at 1 or 2 fps. In chrome you can find that setting at: 'chrome://settings/?search=hardware'

If the game still seems to be running poorly you may need to adjust the graphics settings in the game menu under 'settings' and then 'graphics'.
Disabling bloom will usually improve performance drastically. You can also turn off shadows completely and lower the game render quality as well.
If the games framerate is still consistently below 30, you can also try turning off the chat window in the game settings on the main menu.
It also might be worth adjusting the 'Lag Compensation Mode' setting as well. If your connection to the server is bad it will cause the game to run choppily.

If none of this works it might be worth trying a different browser. Not all browsers implement the WebGL api the same way, and some handle it better than others.
Custom Sounds
For users who have bought the game, there is an option in the game settings to upload a custom win sound.
This sound will play if you come in 1st place at the end of a game.
The sound file must be a standard .wav audio file under 1mb.
Misuse of this feature will result in account suspension. Be smart and follow the Rules.

There is also an option in the game settings menu to disable all custom sounds globally if you want.
Loading Screen Freeze
If the game gets stuck on the loading screen it's likely because one or more files failed to download.
This can sometimes be caused by browser extensions like Adblock Plus. Try disabling extensions if you repeatedly get stuck on the loading screen.

Additionally, some web browsers may not fully support the various apis that are used by the game. If you are having trouble getting the game to load, try using a different browser like Firefox or Chrome.
WebGL & WebAudio Errors
Make sure that your browser is up to date, and fully supports HTML5, WebGL, and WebAudio extensions.
In some browsers you may have to enable them manually in the settings. You may also have to manually enable hardware acceleration.
If hardware acceleration is off the game will likely run at 1 or 2 fps. In chrome you can find that setting at: 'chrome://settings/?search=hardware'
Other Errors
If you encounter an error message that crashes/closes the game feel free to copy the info and email it to
Mobile Support
20XX does partially support mobile web browsers. I cannot guarantee every make and model of phone will work but most standard android phones running google chrome should be fine.
If the game's framerate is choppy you can lower the settings in the game menu under 'settings' and then 'graphics'.
Some phones have a hard time rendering bloom lighting so try turning that off first.

If the game will not run on your phone:
⚫ Try using a standard browser like firefox or chrome
⚫ Make sure that WebGL is enabled
⚫ Make sure that fullscreen mode is not disabled
⚫ Make sure your phone is capable of 3D accelerated graphics
Apple Products
The iPhone & iPad are not supported because they are weird. Sorry.
InfernoPlus - Yes
Naxalit - Sound Effects
Robert Banks - Voice Acting
English Carabou - Voice Acting
Digital Snowman - Voice Acting
Troy Hudson - Voice Acting
Haythemfer - Icon Design Damonj17 - Pixel Art
TheManPF - Music

Beta Testers:
dae, nosa, cyhel, sybil, dwizzledorf, taka, zechron, patokia... (literally a zillion more)
jquery, sha256, gl-matrix, glu