Version 2.1.1
Nov 14 2022
Minor balance adjustments.
Small buff to shine and shine recharge.
Tiny stun hitbox added to rewind.
Slight adjustment to shine knockback angle.
Bomb timers can be shortened 35 frames by taunting. Bombs will detonate instantly if their timer is already below 35 frames.
Bomb timers increased from 40 to 65 frames.
Bomb hitbox slightly increased.
"""Dash""" is now """directional""".
Reduced the range of big SUCC.
Sports Ball
Small increase to ball toss speed.
Removed the ability to hit the ball with abilities as it disincentivized team play.
Version 2.1.0
Nov 7 2022
This patch fixes a few bugs from 2.0.0 and adds various new content to the game.
Map Hazards
A new feature of this update is map objects.
These are objects that are specific to each map and have various gameplay effects. This includes things like teleporters, jump pads, bumpers, and voids.
Many of the original maps have been updated to include some of these new map hazards.
Sports Ball
A brand new game type! Based off a game mode from Nox called Noxball.
It's basically football/soccer. Grab the ball, and shoot it into the enemy teams goal to score points.
The default key to shoot the ball is 's'
The ball has special physics and is pretty easy to handle. It's very bouncy so try banking it off walls to score goals from unexpected angles! Passing the ball to a teammate also provides a short boost to shooting power. So remember! Teamwork!
New Maps
1 new map for normal game modes.
3 new maps specifically designed for Sports Ball.
Multi-kill timer has been extended slightly.
Adjusted default game playlists.
Bug Fixes
Poly now properly despawns when a player leaves a match.
Poly now has a bit limit of 12.
Poly no longer causes weird hill interactions in King or Team King.
Fixed a broken map file name.
Made various changes to object pickup/drop code. Particularly around CTF and Sports Ball.
Version 2.0.0
Dec 30 2021
This is a major patch that adds a lot of new content and improves/changes many core systems for the game and server.
As a result there may be bugs and weird shit. Please report them to me.
New character!
Similar to Voxel but more difficult to master.
New character!
Plays very differently from any existing character.
Old character!
Has been in the game as a non-functional test character for a long time.
I gave him some meme abilities and made him cost 100k points.
He is a joke character and nearly impossible to play.
Mod Support
The games map editor is now accessible from the settings menu.
Users who have purchased the game may upload a custom map for their account.
Restricted to 1 map per account. Uploading a new maps will overwrite your old one.
Custom maps can be played by creating a custom game with the 'Advanced' option.
Custom maps have their authors name written next to them. Official maps have the author 'InfernoPlus'.
If a map is good I may put it on the official map rotation.
Custom Games
You can now create custom games that are private.
A private custom game will not show up in the list and players must know the lobby name to join.
There is now an 'advanced' option for creating custom games.
The 'advanced' option allows you to setup a map rotation and have it set to in order or random selection.
If a map is good I may put it on the official map rotation.
While offstage and falling stuns wear off faster.
While offstage and falling air jumping will instead perform a 'recovery jump'.
Recovery jumps allow you to recover from certain death if you react quickly enough.
Bomb hit box size increased.
Bomb jumping is now omnidirectional and imparts strong aerial vectoring.
These changes only apply to the bombs owner. It's still lethal to other players.
Has a stronger recovery jump than other characters to compensate for his terrible recovery.
Dash now arcs upwards when falling offstage.
Dash now dampens vertical momentum.
The leaderboard is now accessible from the settings menu.
Ranks the top 255 players globally and displays account statistics.
Flex on em.
Bloom graphics are now off by default for guests and new users.
Some decals and target rings have been adjusted to allow them to draw more consistently on lowered surfaces.
Some sound effects have been slightly adjusted.
Voxel now has an indicator to show his teleport location. This is no visible to other players.
Minor adjustment to object contact physics calculations.
Minor adjustment to mouse control vector calculations.
Version 1.1.3
I dunno what day it is im drunk
Cooldown between bombs increased by 5 frames.
Bomb cost and recharge time reduced by 30% ~~ approx.
Bomb fuse reduced by 10 frames.
Bomb hitbox now lasts for 4 frames.
Bomb stun increased by 35 frames.
Bomb radius increased from .415 to .455.
Cooldown for kick has been reduced by 5 frames.
Stun time for punch increased by 5 frames.
Kick distance increased slightly.
Version 1.1.2
Jul 30 2020
New character!
Cooldown for dash increased by 3 frames.
Dash power usage increased by 15%.
Dash self stun time increased by 5 frames.
Shine recharge time increased by 5 frames.
If your shine hits, the recharge time is reduced by 5 frames. This can stack.
Impulse from shine increased from 0.45 to 0.475.
If your shine hits, the recharge time is reduced by 5 frames. This can stack.
Critical hit multiplier reduced from 1.75 to 1.55
If your shine hits, the recharge time is reduced by 5 frames. This can stack.
Slap's stun has been increased by 3 frames.
The sleep after using rest has been reduced from 99 to 75 frames.
If your rest hits, the time that you fall asleep is reduced by 30 frames. This can stack.
Slash cooldown increased by 5 frames.
If your slash hits, the cooldown time is reduced by 5 frames. This can stack.
Slash stun time has been reduced by 1 frame.
Lag time if you miss your counter has been increased by 3 frames.
Kick length shortened.
Punch charge time reduced by 5 frames.
Punch stun increased by 10 frames.
Session Hang Bug
Under some specific circumstances, user sessions can hang and be left logged in for an indefinite amount of time.
I made adjustments to hopefully prevent this from happening.
Audio Decode Bug
On some system/browser configurations, webaudio may fail to decode certain .wav files.
I added a condition that should allow the game to continue loading without sound even if this problem occurs.